Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring has sort of sprung!

Being April you think it would be high 50's, low 60's everyday but the weather seems to be confused. This becomes a predicament every morning, when trying to decide what to wear. I've found what works best is a long-sleeve T-shirt and jeans. Having a sweatshirt with you just in case is always a good idea, for those occasional gusts of wind. It is still okay to wear UGGs but I would think about retiring them soon because people have already started to break out the flip-flops. This weather has us all confused, I wish it would just make up its mind!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An APP that helps you save!

An avid shopper, such as myself, always likes to save wherever possible. Luckily, there is an APP for that. RetailMeNot is an APP where you list all of your favorite stores, and even restaurants and it will provide you with information regarding sales and discounts. Sometimes the deals are online and sometimes they are in the store. The best part is, when there are deals in an area near you then you will get notified. Having this APP is super convenient because no matter where you are you can always find out if there are discounts or sales. I personally use this APP a lot because being a college student and a lover of fashion, saving a little is always better than not saving at all!

Oscar Fashion 2014

The Oscar's is a big event for fashion lovers all around the world. The stars get dressed up in fancy gowns, and then fans gawk over them for days after. This year,at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, fashion had its ups and downs. mentions, "The Oscars red carpet is one of the most-watched fashion moments of the entire year," ( Some of the best dressed at this years award show are Lupita Nyong'o in a Prada gown, Jennifer Lawrence sporting Dior, and Kate Hudson wearing Versace. Among some of the worst dressed this year are Kristen Bell in Roberto Cavalli, Angelina Jolie wearing an Ellie Saab gown, and Charlize Theron in Dior. These awards are very important to the stars in that they will be judged based on their outfit choice. If it was a fail this year, they better step up their game for next year!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Lipstick is Poppin'

Bright colored nail polish was one thing but now there are lipsticks of every color of the rainbow. It is almost impossible to find a girl not wearing a bright shade of lipstick during a night on the town. What is it that made lipstick the thing to be wearing?
            There are so many different colors of lipstick that you could choose one based on your skin tone. Oddly enough, bright red lipstick looks good on pale people because it makes them stand out. On a person with tanner skin, it stands out but not as much. When you go to any makeup store or counter an associate will help you to find your best match. If it does not look as bright as you would like in the bottle, odds are when you put it on it will look a lot brighter than you expected.
            Many celebrities have been seen with brightly colored lips as of lately. Celebrities such as Sarah Jane Crawford, Alina Baikova, and Kaya Scodelario have made bright red lipstick such a big trend. Christina Milian has worn black lipstick, and Beyonce wore plum colored lipstick in her new Haunted music video. Beyonce has been loving the bright lipstick as a matter of fact. In her blow music video she wears neon orange lipstick and it was said to be “very entertaining and sexy from start to finish. Beyonce and her girls looked like they were having so much fun in all the scenes…” (
According to five of the most flattering lipstick colors are NARS Schiap Lipstick, MAC Perpetual Flame, Maybelline Plum Perfect, Revlon Orange Flip, and Dior Pink Caprice. “I love lipstick. I wear it every time I go out, and I have tons of different shades. My favorite is MAC New York Apple. It makes my eyes pop and makes my outfit turn out just right,” says senior Alex Drexl.
While lipsticks may seem expensive, in the long run it will last you a while and it will definitely not go to waste. It is a good purchase that you will not regret. Next time you are shopping for makeup, pick up a bottle of lipstick and let the experience begin.

Day to Night Looks

Do you ever come home from a long day of work and realize you have to go right back out? Luckily these days there is a solution for everything. It is very common to wear something during the day and have it be appropriate to wear out to a function in the night. There are plenty of ways to achieve this look and it will not even look like you did it on purpose.
            Why do girls sport these day to night looks? Most commonly it is because they do not have time to change between the two intervals. They look great no matter what time of day they are worn. Celebrities are notorious for doing this, especially since they often have to rush from one spot to another. “There’s something to be said for the mystique of transformation. During her turn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn- everybody’s favorite fashion icon and early champion of the Little Black Dress-updates her simple shift in minutes with the addition of a hat, gloves, and kitten heels,” says Christine Whitney of Harper’s Bazaar.
            Looking at Audrey Hepburn may not seem very modern but the feeling of adapting a look for day and night is more hip than ever. No one wants to carry around a change of clothes anymore, people have started to become more creative and to be honest its for the better. Changing in a crammed bathroom stall is harder than it looks.  The easiest look to adapt from day to night would be the little black dress. By adding colorful jewelry or heels after work will make this outfit pop for the night. Stylist Cristina Ehrlich says, “It’s the most iconic and easy thing a woman can fine. You’ll never have to go home and change.”
            Wearing a day to night outfit causes a lot less stress as well as saves time.  It is amazing what can spice up an outfit without that much pressure. Chunky necklaces are extremely popular now, and if you add that to almost any outfit it dresses it up. Changing your shoes is also very common in making an outfit pop from day to night. You can wear your normal heals to the office but once you get out slip on that pair of shoes in your car that are fun and you have been waiting to wear. Whether they are bright red or even leopard, they will definitely take your outfit to the next level making it ‘night appropriate.’ When asking Sacred Heart students if they have done this most are very quick in responding with yes. Senior Kim O’Connell says, “I have my internship all day on Friday, so when I am meeting my friends for dinner or drinks afterwards sometimes I don’t have time to stop home. I will wear a nice blouse and colored pants to my internship and throw on a necklace to meet my friends. This saves me a lot of time and stress of picking the perfect outfit.” This trend is common among many adults as well as people our age that we can relate to. So next time you have a hectic day, don’t worry about people recognizing that you wore ‘that outfit’ all day, because chances are they have done the same thing.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hated Headwear

If you are anything like me and hate hats, then you are usually out of luck in the cold and your ears tend to become numb. Over the past couple of months I noticed fashionable headbands that cover your ears and keep your head warm in the cold. They often have a cute flower on the side or some sort of beading that makes them an item that will not kill your 'trendy-ness' so to say. They come in a multitude of colors, which makes them even more fun. At first I thought they would be itchy and bother my head because of the fabric, but they are actually very comfortable and surprisingly DO keep me warm. They are available in so many places such as Icing, Charming Charlie, and mostly every department store. So if you hate winter headwear, definitely invest in one of these headbands! You may even wear it just because it looks cute! Why not stay warm and be fashionable at the same time?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Cold is Upon Us

          The cold weather has been coming and going and people seem to freak out because of the change in weather. One day it is 65 and the next it is 33, so it is understandable. Then there is the dilemma of remaining fashionable in the below freezing temperatures. Most often, especially around my college campus, you will see girls dressed as if it is 60 degrees all the time. When asked why they are not dressed for the cold weather, I get the response "It's not fashionable," or "It doesn't make me look good." Well girls you are in luck, because there are definitely ways to look good and stay warm at the same time.
           One way to achieve this is to buy a trendy scarf. Scarves are really big now-a-days and they come in a multitude of styles, colors, and even patterns. Throw on a scarf with your sweater can really spice up your outfit. It will keep you warm, and you will look trendy at the same time. The good thing about them is that after you take off your coat, you can leave them on as part of your outfit, as well as being acceptable for men and women. Another, is a vest. Vests have been making a comeback and mostly seen in faux fur. You can throw this on over a thin top and still remain warm without the bulk of a heavy coat.

                Peacoats have always been stylish and are a definite way to remain warm during the cold temperatures. The best type to buy would be a thigh-length peacoat so there is no draft. If you want a more dramatic coat, you can try a half-calf length peacoat. The great thing about peacoats is they are stylish for both men and women. Stockings and leg warmers are definitely in style this winter. Stockings come in all different colors and even patterns to dress up your outfit a bit. Leg warmers are used a lot when wearing boots to give your legs that extra little bit of warmth.

                   These are just a few helpful hints on how to stay warm and stylish during the cold winter weather. There are plenty more but these will help you for sure on staying warm and not to get sick. When there is a way to prevent getting sick you should! The less clothes the better is not a good motto to follow, so throw on your puffy coat and rock it! Trends are easy to find, so if you find yourself cold more often than not, sit by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and start looking up ways to stay warm. I think you will be more satisfied than you thought. Happy shopping!